Recommended reading


The Hacker's Diet by John Walker is freely available online and explains the reasoning and methods Mr. Walker used to gain control of his weight and eventually drop from 215 to 145 pounds. FatWatch was inspired by Eat Watch, a companion application for Palm OS developed by Mr. Walker.

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think is an excellent book by Brian Wansink about how things like packaging, environment, names, and so on affect how much we eat. The book is full of descriptions of his experiments, which are a lot of fun to read. It's also full of tips on how you can make small changes to your environment (e.g., eat off smaller plates) that will reduce the amount you will eat.


The FatWatch Weight Log is where to find news about FatWatch.

Masha Blogs about weight loss, science news, and songs for the treadmill. She uses FatWatch.

The Skeptical Hypochondriac is a good blog to read if you're interested in health news but have a low tolerance for junk science.

CalorieLab Calorie Counter News is a blog that covers almost every diet and exercise related news story that gets published.


GeekFit Podcast: Jason Tucker and Steven Klassen discuss healthy weight loss for geeks.

Fat 2 Fit Radio: Weight Loss & Fitness Podcast with Russ Turley & Jeff Ainslie.

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