What's New in 2.1?

Support for iOS 4 and Retina Display

FatWatch has been enhanced to support the new, high resolution Retina Display.

Log: automatically scrolls to today's date again

FatWatch 2.0 had a problem under iOS 4 where the Log view would not automatically scroll to the current date. This has been fixed. A new shortcut has been added: you can now double-tap the Log tab icon to quickly scroll to the bottom of the log.

Trends: toggle between total weight and fat

Prior to 2.1, the Trends screen automatically displayed an analysis based on body fat weight if it had enough data to do so; there was no way to see an analysis of total weight for the same time period.

In 2.1, you can now toggle between total weight and fat at will, by tapping the screen. Also, a small switch indicator has been added to the right margin of the screen, to indicate what rows can be toggled.

Goal: keep within the band

Goal monitoring has been changed to bring it closer to the recommendations of The Hacker's Diet. Previous versions of FatWatch would consider you to have attained your goal when the trend line was close to the goal weight. However, your true goal is to maintain your weight at your goal level, not simply hit a target and call it a day.

In 2.1, to achieve "goal attained" status, you must (A) bring the trend line to your goal weight and (B) keep it within a five pound band around the goal. (That's 2.5 lbs above and 2.5 lbs below.) If your trend line drifts outside the band, FatWatch will alert you to get back on track.

Also, you are no longer allowed to select a goal weight of zero. That would be silly.

Chart: design update

Status bar and toolbar on the Chart view are now darker, to distract less from the chart.

Switching between Total and Fat while viewing the Chart in "Browse" mode keeps you place on the timeline.

If a Goal weight is set, it is indicated with a green label on the vertical axis, and dotted lines are drawn to show the target band around the goal weight.

If you have comments, questions, problems, or feature requests, send email to help@fatwatchapp.com.